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歡迎光臨我的網站!Stargazer - 觀星者天文儀器社
Welcome to Stargazer Telescope and Accessory Company

地址: 香港 紅磡 鶴園街 2G號 恆豐工業大廈 2期 1/F, F座 11室   電話: 852-92737658
Address: Room 11, Flat F, 1/F., Hang Fung Ind. Bldg., Phase 2, 2G Hok Yuen Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

We accept Paypal (please add 3.5% on top of price for overheads), Money Order, or cheque payable in Hong Kong.

We welcome overseas customers. However, the price listed is only for Hong Kong buyers. For the overseas customers, there may be overheads, freight and insurance. Please e-mail me for the further details.
My e-mail address is


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2010 天文研討會 - Photoshop 入門暨同好聯譠晚宴正式報名

2010 年 1 月 15日偏食 香港活動


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